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  Able Wright, Inc.
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     "Specialists in Disinfection and Chemical Feed"                                                          
Able Wright, Inc.

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In Business 29 Years .. .

 Able Wright, Inc. is a technical services company serving the water & wastewater industry in Montana and other northwestern states (Washington, Idaho, & Wyoming).  We feel a strong sense of responsibility to service & support the equipment we sell.

The customers we serve: Municipal, mining, oilfield, industrial & private water users.

We are manufacturer's representatives, distributors, and a systems integrator. 

In addition to technical sales support, we provide troubleshooting, start-up, training, parts, & repair services.

Able Wright has been active in the water & wastewater industry since 1991.  The principal, Mr. Doug Mitch, PE (emeritus/retired), was a consulting civil engineer prior to founding Able Wright.  From 1991 thru 2005, Able Wright was a general contractor specializing in the construction of treatment facilities.  In 2005, the firm was restructured as a technical services company, with a special emphasis in disinfection, chemical feed, and other water treatment applications.

"Water goes where fools allow it,  wise men guide it,  and God wants it."     - Able Wright

According to Webster's Dictionary

able \
wright \
adj  1:  having sufficient power, skill, or resources to do something  2: marked by intelligence, ability, knowledge,
 skill, or competence (ie. able bodied)
adj suffix  1: capable of, fit for, or worthy of
(ie. knowledgeable, memorable, reliable)
noun  1: craftsman, artisan, or skilled worker
2: one that constructs or repairs something
3: an old world name for builder or constructor, usually used in combination with a skilled craft   (ie. millwright, shipwright, wheelwright)
We believe that fairly well defines Able Wright.