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Able Wri, Inc.

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Gas Monitors

Toxic & Combustible
ATi   Gas Detectors
Gas Monitors: Intrinsically Safe, Portable, & Explosion Proof designs with Interchangeable 'Smart Sensors' for over 30 gas types 
Water Monitors

Chlorine Residual  
ProMinent Fluid Controls Free or Total Chlorine sensors designed for a wide range of water & wastewater treatment applications. Reagent-less chlorine residual analyzer / controllers.

ATi   CL2

Chlorine Monitors for the continuous monitoring of free or combined chlorine. ATI Monitors have been expanded to include options for a 3rd analog output or for adding additional relay outputs. Digital communication options include Profibus DP, Modbus RTU and Ethernet IP.

          pH / ORP / Conductivity
ATi   pH / ORP
ATi   Conductivity
A wide variety of Water Monitors for the
    ..."Air We Breath and the Water We Drink". 

ProMinent Fluid Controls Sensors, controllers, & transmitters designed for a wide range of water & wastewater treatment applications:  pH, ORP, DO, etc. 

Dissolved Oxygen
ATi   DO


ATi   Turbidimeter
Turbidity Monitor

         Remote Monitoring / SCADA
Mission Control
Stand alone SCADA system for remote monitoring of water / wastewater installations.  Real time monitoring using digital cellular network communications.  Very practical for small systems, easy to install, low cost.  Can be solar powered in remote locations.