Clark Fork Group 5
  Able Wright, Inc.

   "Specialists in Disinfection and Chemical Feed"                                                          
Able Wri, Inc.

Clark Fork River,
Sanders Co., Montana

Disinfection Chemical Feed Analysis /  Instrumentation Tool Bag /

Chemical  Feed Manufacturer
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Metering Pumps / Systems

  Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps
ProMinent - Solenoid Type
ProMinent - Motor Driven
A full line of metering pumps & chemical injection systems.
  Peristaltic Type Metering Pumps
ProMinent - Peristaltic Hose pumps by Prominent Fluid Controls.  Small to Big:  Flow rates 225 gpm.  Pressures to 232 psi.
  Explosion-Proof Metering Pumps
PFC - Explosion Proof
Extronic:  for explosion-proof Class 1, Div 1 metering pump applications
  "Pre-Engineered" Systems
ProMinent - Systems
Prominent can assemble complete injection systems with all necessary components - pumps, calibration columns, control valves, pressure gauges, pulsation dampeners, inlet strainers, switchover controls, piping, tanks, etc. - all made to your specifications and fully assembled on a wall or floor mount panel / skid.  We can provide quick delivery of your "ready to pump" system.
Disinfection / Oxidation

  Chlorine Gas Disinfection
Archer Instruments
Gas chlorination equipment: vacuum regulators, flow meters, ejectors, auto-pacing valves, vacuum monitors, and gas detectors.  Additional equipment offerings include: sulfur dioxide, & ammonia feed systems.
  Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection
ProMinent Fluid Controls
Chemical metering pumps to accurately dose and inject sodium hypochlorite in a wide range of flow / pressure capabilities and control features.  Complete "pre-engineered" systems are available consisting of tanks, pumps, piping systems, analyzer / controllers. etc.
  Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection
ProMinent Fluid Controls
On-site generation of Chlorine Dioxide for use in the medical - health care industry, milk industry, bottle & tank cleansing, meat processing, brewery / distilling, and food grade or culinary applications.

Polymer & Dry Feed Systems
ProMinent Fluid Controls
Emulsion (liquid) polymer make-down systems:  ProMix
Dry feed for granular polymers, floculants, etc:    PolyRex  or  PromDry

Scales and Chemical Monitoring Systems
Force Flow
Scales, indicators, & monitors for gas cylinders, chemical drums, carboys, and tote bins.  Chemical dilution systems,  auto-refill controllers, & bulk chemical weighing systems.   
Piping Specialties

  Static Injection Mixers
Westfall Manufacturing

Uniquely designed - a full pipe motionless static mixer in which fluids are injected and rapidly mixed in a very short pipe length, with low head loss.  Wafer flange body.

  Injection Quills & Sampling Probes
Saf-T-Flo Retractable & non-retractable designs in a variety of material choices