Freezeout Lake
  Able Wright, Inc.

   "Specialists in Disinfection and Chemical Feed"                                                          
Able Wri, Inc.

Freezeout Lake,
Teton County, Montana

Disinfection Chemical Feed Analysis /
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Disinfection Manufacturer
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  Ultra-Violet Disinfection
Aquionics, Inc.
Closed vessel UV reactors and open channel UV systems for municipal and industrial applications.
* City of Fort Benton drinking water UV system operating since 1986.
      (The 1st municipal drinking water UV system in North America)
* Montana State Prison wastewater UV system operating since 1985. 
  Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection
ProMinent Fluid Controls
Chemical metering pumps to accurately dose and inject sodium hypochlorite in a wide range of flow / pressure capabilities and control features.  Complete "Pre-Engineered" systems are available, along with tanks, pumps, control valves, analyzers, controllers. etc.
  Chlorine Gas Disinfection
Archer Instruments
Gas chlorination equipment: vacuum regulators, flow meters, ejectors, auto-pacing valves, vacuum monitors, and gas detectors.  Gas feed equipment offerings include: chlorine, sulfur dioxide, & ammonia.