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Tool Bag / Resources / Misc.

In addition to the important web links shown on our Line Card pages, the following is a list of internet information sources which you may find helpful.  Included are websites associated with environmental water and wastewater, plus a few other useful links. 

Water / Wastewater

American Water Works Association
EPA - Drinking Water
US Environmental Protection Agency - water quality standards, guidelines, information, etc.
USDA - Rural Development
USDA Rural Development - Water & Environmental Programs - Water & Wastewater Projects
Montana - DEQ - Main
> DEQ Circulars by Program
Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality...
  MT DEQ Circular 1: Standards for Water Works
    MT DEQ Circular 2: Standards for Wastewater Facilities
USGS - Montana
Hydrologic streamflow data for the state of Montana - real time and historical
Montana - Water Resources
Montana DNRC - Water Resources Div. - water rights, well logs, snow pack, etc.
Montana Rural Water Systems - Technical association supporting water & wastewater systems
Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems - Technical support & assistance
Wyoming - DEQ
Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality
Wyoming WDC
Wyoming Water Development Commission

Crash course notes - college level physics, with links to math, biology, chemistry & more.
     via Georgia State Univ.  -   "Where was all of this back in 19XX, when I really needed it?"
Fluid flow calculations and equations
Technical forum for engineering professionals - various disciplines, numerous topics.

Internet Related
Producer of Firefox web browser, SeaMonkey website software, & other web development tools.
A very helpful website design, programming, and promotion knowledge bank.
Tweaks for
Free computer repair assistance.
Convert Windows based files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to high quality .PDF files with a free converter software.

State Governments
State of Montana internet portal
State of Idaho internet portal
State of Washington internet portal
State of Wyoming internet portal
State of Oregon internet portal


Topographic maps, aerial photos, street maps, mapping services.
On-line street maps, driving directions, and travel resources.


Glacier National Park - WebCams
Take a trip to Glacier National Park and never leave the farm. 
Live webcam views of our favorite places - Many Glacier, Two Medicine, Lake McDonald, Goat Haunt.  Watch for bears.

Animated Knots
Step-by-Step knot tying illustrations & instructions for boating, climbing, fishing, utility, & repair applications.
A G Russell - Knives
A well made knife is a valuable tool - but it can also be art, a item of beauty, a needful thing.